Sweden: A developed best way of working, in Swedish Ett Utvecklat Bästa Arbetssätt (EUBA)

Intimate Partner Violence is a global public health issue and societal problem affecting thousands of people every day in Sweden. According to official criminal data, some 500 reports on IPV are filed every week in Sweden. However, IPV is associated with a high dark figure and the true rate of victimisation is believed to be much higher, perhaps three times according to a previous Swedish report.

IPV-investigations are surrounded by various challenges such as lack of potential witnesses, a non compliant victim and “he said, she said”-situations. By optimizing these cases and increase the methodical support to awareness early proof of evidence, level and quality of actions issued in IPV-investigations the chance of later prosecution may increase. In addition, the cycle of violence may be interrupted prior to more violent, sometimes lethal (homicide) actions by the perpetrator.

The project started 2016, and has been implemented as a part of good practices in the Swedish Police Authority.

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