Sweden: Initiative Dawn and IGOR

Initiative Dawn is the overall project for Police region Stockholm, and includes project IGOR.  By using methods and checklists like “A developed best way of working” (described in another newsletter), working together in collaboration with other societal actors, have sufficient and retain resources, working with our norms and attitudes and using evidence, the chance of later prosecution may increase. In addition, the cycle of violence may be interrupted prior to more violent, sometimes lethal (homicide) actions by the perpetrator. 

Project IGOR consists of both internal and external parts which forms a good structure working against IPV. The operational group, which consists of two social secretaries (from the relationship violence team social service Södermalm), and four police officers. The project only covers crimes involving men's violence against women in the district of Södermalms social services administration and the Södermalm local police area. The IGOR-group work with several different operational measures against perpetrators of violence and for victims of violence, for example outreach activities, interviews, reconnaissance, mapping, training, information campaigns, different kind of support and internal and external collaboration.

IGOR: April 1, 2021 to April 1, 2022.
The goal is for the project to be evaluated in the middle of the project period and after the end date.

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