Sweden: Risk Reduction Intervention

   ECPA medal gold  ECPA 2022 (working with a particularly vulnerable crime victim)
     First place




Risk Reduction Intervention, RRI, is a method that aims to reduce the perpetrator's motivation to continue to subject the victim to crime, which enables the victim to live safely with as much freedom as possible. The method consists of a combination of risk assessments, conversations with the perpetrators and protection and support for the victims. It is primarily carried out by the witness protection unit and the negotiation units in the police. Witness Protection specialises in carrying out risk assessments and providing relevant support and protection measures. The negotiators specialise in talking to people in crisis and helping individuals change their thought patterns. The evaluations show that crime stopped in 72% of cases and decreased in another 7%. RRI had the greatest impact in cases involving particularly vulnerable crime victims, such as domestic violence, stalking, repeated violations of restraining orders and crimes against personnel exposed because of their profession.

The project started on 1 April 2018 and is still running.

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