Swedish Policy on Vehicle crime

Many people are affected in their everyday lives by vandalism, burglary and vehicle-related crime, such as theft from or vandalism of cars. This ‘volume crime has considerable financial consequences for the victim and for society as a whole.  This type of crime makes up a significant proportion of the total crimes reported.  Research also shows that car break-ins are a ‘strategic crime, that is to say, a first-time offence that indicates a high risk of future repeat offending.

To succeed in preventing and combating ‘volume crime, the police need to be visible in society and to work effectively with the support of the local community. For this reason the Swedish Government has, in recent years, invested in more police officers and more police duties being carried out by officers on the beat. Broad and close cooperation with other actors, such as the business sector, is another key element in achieving success in the area of crime prevention.

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