Taakspel (Task game)

Taakspel is a game for primary school children. It promotes task-focused behaviour in children, helps them reduce breaking the rules and promotes a positive teaching environment. The ultimate goal is to counter early signs of problematic behaviour in children and help them show positive behaviour.

For each conceivable situation at school, pupils and teachers lay down positive rules defining the desired behaviour. The pupils adhere to those rules for a time period agreed upon. The teacher compliments them with that. If a pupil violates a rule, the teacher will take away a card. The teacher does not react to the violation otherwise, neither verbally nor non-verbally. The pupils form teams and may help each other to comply with the rules. The teams that still have cards left at the end of the period have won. They will get a reward they had thought up beforehand.

Taakspel proves to have a positive impact on the behaviour of pupils. The behaviour of the children in the experimental group improved, while that of boys in the control groups deteriorated. In addition, studies show that children with mild problematic behaviour respond in full to the Taakspel intervention, whereas children with serious problematic behaviour only respond in part.


Project manager: Ria van der Sar, CED group
http://www.taakspel.nl/ (category English)


The project started in 2002 and is still running.
Last review: September 2007.