Teleassistance to domestic violence victims

Teleassistance to domestic violence victims


This program arose from the need to ensure protection and security to victims of domestic violence and decrease their risk of revictimization. It is aimed to increase the protection and security of the victim, ensuring 24 hours/a day and free of charge adequate response to emergency and crisis situations.

Victims of domestic violence had access whenever they were at-risk of revictimization, had specific security needs and a Criminal Court decided her/his protection by Teleassistance. The decision could only be taken after the victim’s consent. The psychosocial support and protection by Teleassistance were operated for a period of time not exceeding 6 months, renewable by Court decision.

The program was especially suited for the following situations: revictimization risk; low social support; no cohabitation with the aggressor; lack of symptoms of severe psychiatric illness; no signs of alcohol or drug dependency; prior or simultaneous application or judicial measure of expulsion of the aggressor.


Commission for Citizenship and Gender Equality -


The project started in 2009 and is still running.
Last review: October 2017.


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