The Administrative Approach and Family-based Organised Crime in Germany

The “BLICK”-cooperation of Germany (“Bund-Länder-Initiative zur Bekämpfung der Clankriminalität”) aims to fight perpetrators of family-based organised crime. The German understanding of family-based organised crime is limited to criminal members of so-called “clan families” of mainly Arabic or Turkish origin. Its purpose is to create a coordinated cooperation of all relevant bodies and authorities performing security, regulatory, and administrative tasks in order to demonstrate the state’s capacity to act against criminal behaviour in the context of family-based organised crime. Therefore, it combines the expertise of authorities like the trade offices, customs authority, building department, employment offices, social welfare authorities, and many more. The “BLICK”, for this purpose, adapts multidisciplinary measures that are also promoted by the European Network on the Administrative Approach (ENAA). Both, the National Contact Point of ENAA and the coordination office of “BLICK” are located at the Federal Criminal Police Office of Germany (BKA).

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