The anti-bullying project in the classroom: 'Ik pest niet. En jij?' (I don't bully. And you?)

In order to prevent violence among children and young people and to learn them how to deal with each other respectfully, an anti-bullying project given in each classroom in school has been developed by the urban prevention service. The project is based on the assumption that respectful contacts between children and youth become an attitude during their further development.

The anti-bullying project consists of three parts which all the participating classes need to complete:

  • an anti-bullying game per classroom and the drawing up of an anti-bullying contract (per classroom): the class had to carry out 5 assignments
  • a continuation module: the class works 5 weeks with the anti-bullying contract
  • the evaluation (per classroom)

As from the school year 2007-2008, the project started with 3 other projects. Below you will find a description:

  • “Leon de kameleon” (for the first two years of elementary school)
  • “Doodgepest !?” (Extreme bullying!?) (for the first two years of secondary school)
  • Interactive anti-bullying game “RE::PEST” (for the third to the sixth year of secondary school)


  1. “Leon de kameleon”. The urban prevention team launches the interactive Computergame “Leon de kameleon”. During the playing of the game we give to the children the message what is “acceptable/unacceptable behavior”.
  2. “Doodgepest!?” (Extreme bullying!?). Because the urban prevention team also wants to make the issue of bullying a subject of discussion in secondary schools, the theatre show “Doodgepest!?” is performed for the first grade of secondary school by the theatre production house Deezillusie vzw. “Doodgepest!?" is a tragicomedy without a real happy end! With this theatre show, non-profit company “Deezillusie” wants to give young people a clear signal that even – at first sight – “innocent” teasing can escalate and can assume tragic proportions. Besides the theatre performance, the non-profit company “Deezillusie” also offers an educational folder, which teachers can use in class after having seen the play, in order to work on this theme during one or more lessons.
  3. The anti-bullying game “RE::PEST”. This game is developed by 2 high school in Kortrijk. Students can walk in their school and at the city of Kortrijk. All kind of situations (cfr. Bullying) happen and they have to react ! De department onderwijs of the Flemish government give secondary school the possibility to play the game for free.


Koen Verhaege, local government officer
Stedelijk preventieteam


The project started in 2006 and is still running.
Last review: October 2015