The cyber defence field of study at Põltsamaa Coeducational gymnasium

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In 2015, Põltsamaa Coeducational Gymnasium, a general education school in Põltsamaa, Estonia, became the first known school in Europe to implement a cyber defence field of studies in the upper secondary school curriculum. The courses are ongoing and in 2020 the 3rd group finishes its´ studies, fifth group started in the fall 2019. The school sees this as a vital innovation in the field of cybersecurity, which has been increasing in importance at an unstoppable rate in the past decades. Estonia and Europe will need both an informed digital society and more and more cybersecurity experts in the future and now the experts working on the field are teaching in the course and the students have the possibility to be part of experts´ workshops, like digital hackathons in TalTech University. The aim of the project is to provide students with a more in depth education in cyber hygiene, ethics, relevant hardware and software, national defence and personal protection. In the Estonian cyber security expert career path, the programme is a new stepping-stone - one that comes early rather than late. The first stages of the project have shown that the students are ready to take up this challenge. Are the policy-makers in EU?

Põltsamaa is waiting for the cooperation partners for cyber defence from other EU MS. Who is taking the opportunity?


The project is ongoing.
Last review: January 2020.


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