The Czech elderly don’t swallow the bait

“We Don’t Swallow the Bait” (“Nedáme se”) project is an interactive educational stage play, in which four types of most common deceitful and manipulative techniques used against seniors are presented. These are sales campaigns, selling perfumes on the street, telemarketing and at-senior’s-home selling technique. Besides the actors, a policeman, and also the author of the play, psychologist PhDr. Romana Mazalová, Ph.D., appears on the scene. They interact with the audience, and thus teaching them new strategies of defence. The play is therefore not only enjoyable, but also educational. The educational effect on the audience was experimentally examined. The results confirmed that the seniors who had seen the play proved to be more successful in defending themselves against fraud sellers. The method of quasi-experiment on a research group of 260 seniors from Hradec Králové Region (130 in experimental group, 130 in control group) was used. The play was performed in 41 towns and cities in the Czech Republic, and it had been seen by more than 1000 elderly. The project was found useful and has been submitted to The Manual of Good Practice of the Ministry of the Interior of the Czech Republic.