The Danes’ digital self-defense

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The Danes’ digital self-defense


Crowdsourcing among consumers and co-creation with various societal actors has turned out to be a viable and relevant approach when it comes to raising awareness and stimulating online behavioral change among the Danes.

In April 2017 the Danish Consumer Council, the foundation TrygFonden and The Danish Crime Prevention Council launched the free app ‘My digital self-defense’, that has been downloaded by more than 50,000 Danes to their Smartphones.

The app pushes current alerts to the consumers, provided by a wide array of societal actors from public organizations, private companies and NGO´s, when waves of cyber-attacks hit Danish mail-accounts. Also, the app provides guides and advice on digital self-protection.

Last, but not least interesting the app also provides the consumers with a channel to tipping the project on current threats, which the app users have done 1700 times since the launch of the app.


The project started in April 2017 and is still running.


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