The Implementation of the Victims' Directive in Ireland: Identifying and Preventing Secondary & Repeat Victimisation

Recent publications illustrate that there are serious inconsistencies in the manner by which victims are currently being provided with information, support and protection in Ireland. If Ireland does not implement both hard and soft law to implement the Victims’ Rights Directive in practice then it will be inevitable that Ireland will be in breach of its obligations under the Directive. Moreover, Ireland will need to legislate for Article 12 of the Victims’ Directive if they are to ensure that restorative justice services do not cause secondary and/or repeat victimizations. Significant resources must be provided to the Gardaí (Police) and victim support service providers to ensure that they are able to comply with their obligations under the Directive. Moreover, training will need to be offered to the legal profession and the judiciary to ensure that victims are not at risk of repeat victimizationduring the criminal justice system.