‘The Meaux scheme for the pursuit of schooling', Henri Dunant Secondary School

The Meaux scheme for the pursuit of schooling [Dispositif de Poursuite de Scolarisation (DPS)] is associated with the Dunant secondary school in Meaux. It receives pupils who were expelled by decision of the disciplinary board of 8 secondary schools.

This scheme involves several partners and is not comparable to a disciplinary measure decided by the school of origin. It is an obligatory and transitory schooling procedure that will prevent expelled pupils from dropping out of school while waiting to be assigned to a new school. The DPS staff will support schools that will receive those pupils as part of their new assignments.

During their schooling period in the DPS, pupils are offered educational activities (aiming to reinforce cognitive skills and self esteem), and opportunities for interaction with individuals from different backgrounds, age groups, professional fields. This will allow them to work on their psychosocial skills, at the rate of five days a week. Pupils will stay, on average, during four weeks before being assigned to a new school.


The project started in 2007.
   Last review: September 2015.


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