The mobile police office – part of the city weekend

The current activity has changed slightly from the initial approach.  Today it is more dynamic and the staff resources are spread out on a wider geographical area.

The mobile police office is a project that involves the police locating a police bus in areas of Stockholm such as Medborgarplatsen and Stureplan, which have a high density of bars and other public entertainment premises, during the evening and through the night on weekends.

The police bus functions as a police office to which members of the public can turn in order to report criminal offences. The police officers on duty patrol the area on foot or on bicycles and are highly visible in reflective vests. The police work in collaboration with bars and security guards and attempt to prevent violence in public places by being both visible an accessible.


Erik Forsell, 


The project started in 2006 and is now part of a Permanent activity
Last review: October 2017.


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