The National Anti-Bullying Forum

The need for “The National Anti-Bullying Forum” initiative has become urgent as „bullying” had not been officially recognized in Romania and, as a consequence, it had not been regulated in the Romanian legislation, although the number of the cases associated with this type of abuse had increased every year. The National Anti-Bullying Forum and the actions prior to its organization (the elaboration of a public policy proposal for the prevention and reduction of bullying phenomenon in Romania, the sociological study at the national level with the perspective of 915 children, 72 parents and 113 teachers towards the phenomenon, the national awareness campaign) have set up the political support for the adoption of the law and the methodological norms which recognize bullying as a form of violence, giving it a definition and concrete measures for prevention, taking into consideration the recommendation generated by the public policy proposal elaborated in the project.


The project ran from 21/06/2018 till 31/12/2019.

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