The Netherlands: HackShield Future Cyber Heroes

 ECPA medal silver ECPA 2022 (working with a particularly vulnerable crime victim)
  Second place



HackShield is an educational game that trains children aged eight to 12 to become Cyber Agents who protect themselves and their environment against the dangers of the online world and learn how to seize opportunities in the online world. By playing through various levels, children learn about cyber security subjects. Through quests, they can challenge their (grand)parents and even build and share their own levels with friends. HackShield collaborates with municipalities and the police, who are looking for Cyber Agents to help make sure citizens will use the Internet safely. Enthusiastic and active Cyber Agents even get the chance to be officially honoured! In the Netherlands, 24% of children played the game and more than 8% became Junior Cyber Agents. In August 2022, Belgium initiated the project and in 2023, Germany will join this movement towards a safe digital future with equal opportunities for everyone!

The project started on 6 November 2018 and is still running.

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