The Netherlands: The ‘untouchables’ approach

 ECPA medal silver ECPA 2020 (family-based crime) - Second place



The “Untouchables” Approach from the Municipality of Maastricht is characterized by cooperation between the judiciary, the municipality and care and service-providing partners. The objective of the “Untouchables” Approach is to restore liveability in the neighbourhood, regain trust in the authorities and restore the authority of the government. The approach is led by an independent project leader. All involved partners have developed a shared sense of urgency and a support base among authorities for a joint approach. Using this approach, an integrated team no longer ignores criminal families and offers structural solutions for the neighbourhood, the family’s criminal leaders and the family members. The project combines criminal, civil, and administrative law while focusing on the criminal and looking at the responsibilities of the other family members. There is an early investment in young children (the youngest family members) and the approach aims to break the inter-generational trend.

The project started on15/12/2013 and is still running and incorporated in the local public safety policy and approach.

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