The "White Ribbon” Campaign

Annually from 25th November to 10th December Mazovian Police carry out the international campaign called "The White Ribbon". The date of the Campaign is connected with the following undertaking: "Sixteen days of action against violence against women". It’s between the international day against violence against women (25th November) and the International Human Rights Day (10th December). The campaign is mainly addressed to men. The white ribbon symbolizes the commitment to break the silence on the issues of violence against women and to stop it. The main objective of the campaign is to raise the awareness of how important the male voice solidarity is with the victims and to express clear opposition to the violence. During this period of time, the Organizers of the campaign encourage men to accept and wear a White Ribbon that presents the opposition to the violence.

There are framework and guidance on how to promote the idea of the White Ribbon (poster, flyer for male, radio spot). The main promotional sign of above initiative is wearing the white ribbons pinned to the clothes. Moreover there is an important role of the local media that widely promotes the Campaign. During the Campaign there are lectures and meetings with young people, press conferences and scientific conferences. There are also some extra actions every year, for example: friendly volleyball match to support the campaign (volleyball players worn white t-shirts with accordance to the logo-white ribbons), they widely promoted the ideas and objectives of the campaign.