Tips for citizens and especially for tourists in the Spanish National Police website

In the official website of Spanish National Police, several tips can be found to enjoy safer holidays, security measures for houses, recommendations to prevent lottery award fraud, safe Internet use, suggestions to tourists, as well as hints to detect if a Euro banknote is false....

All these tips are available in Spanish, French, German, Italian and English and the telephone to make reports is clearly shown in order to facilitate the process in case tourists are victims of these crimes.

For example, among the holiday security measures, four types of advices are distinguished: before leaving on holidays, during your holidays, in the chosen place and if you stay at home.

Regarding the safe use of internet, you can find measures to be taken by parents concerning their children, measures to be taken by children, preventive measures concerning economic transactions, precaution concerning emails, security measures for private users, measures to be adopted by small companies and, finally, measures to prevent telephone frauds.

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Last review: October 2017.