Tips of Inspector Lion

Inspector Lion is a symbol of Vilnius police. This prevention project was intended for younger school children attending 1st-4th classes. It was an information folder with Tips of Inspector Lion.

Aim of this folder was to give rules for children about safe behaviour at home and in the street, about the safe journey to school, childrens rights and responsibilities, how to protect yourself from bullying and violence, dangers in winter. Taking into account childrens age, all theoretical information on safety was provided by cheerful illustrations using various forms of activities.

The Folder of Inspector Lions tips was just a part of the project in which children were able to use all necessary information during the implementation of the project (during school year). This measure was enable for children to apply their theoretical knowledge and abilities in practice during a visit to the Traffic Safety Classroom of Traffic Supervision Board of Vilnius County Police Headquarters, which crossroads were regulated by traffic lights, pavements, road signs and an uncontrolled pedestrian crossing, in which training in safe behaviour in the street was provided as a real street setting.

Pursuing the key goal of the project to implement early prevention, police officers, young supporters of the police together with Inspector Lion were presenting not only the information folder “Tips of Inspector Lion”, they introduced children about police history, police system in our country, activities of police officers.


Vilnius County police headquarters, Public order board,
Prevention division chief Nomeda Cibarauskiene


The project started in 2007 and is now finished.
Last review: January 2020.