Toolbox 11 - Prevention of pickpocketing within the EU – policy & practices



There are two main tracks that deserve attention in order to come to a complete and effective prevention of pickpocketing: the first track consists of a prevention campaign that is thoroughly prepared; the second track is all about cooperation.

The eleventh toolbox in the series published by the EUCPN Secretariat focuses on the main theme of the Maltese Presidency, which is ‘Prevention of Pickpocketing’. The first part of the toolbox presents an overview of the existing policies and legislative measures on the international level, with a particular focus on the EU. In the second part, we zoom in on advice provided by experts in the field of pickpocketing and/or mobile organised crime groups. The third part focusses on the good and promising practices of which some were submitted by Member States in reply to the questionnaire sent out by the EUCPN Secretariat.