Trek die Lijn (door) ( Keep Drawing that Line)

The 'Trek die Lijn' (Draw that Line) project in The Hague focused on tackling nuisance by pupils/students on the tram. Pupils/students themselves mapped out the problems and drew up a code of conduct applicable in public transport. The follow up project started in 2002 is called ‘Trek die Lijn door’ (Keep Drawing that Line).

The first project comprised providing information, a course in observation, a questionnaire among all pupils and interactive theatre performances. An important aim was for the pupils to see the impact of their own behaviour on trams and buses. In addition, a number of pupils were appointed ‘pioneers’. This group of pupils set off together with an employee of the tram operator. Together they mapped out the problems  and drew up a code of conduct applicable in public transport. The code of conduct was communicated via flyers and posters in all trams and buses in The Hague. At this moment, pupils are still provided with information at school in the follow-up project.

The strategy proves successful. The tram operator has stated that there is a structural reduction in nuisance incidents reported and there are fewer trams stopped due to incidents. ‘Trek the Lijn’ has resulted in a cultural shift, both among tram staff and at school and as a result among the youth in The Hague.




The project started in 1991 and is still running.
Last review: January 2008.