North Rhine-Westphalia has set itself the task of reducing or preventing the manifold effects of clan crime on the population by means of preventive measures. First, recourse was taken to the “Kurve kriegen” initiative within the federal state, effectively and successfully in place for many years and scientifically evaluated several times. To this end, five of the 23 “Kurve kriegen” sites have been specially outfitted for this phenomenon (additional specifically trained pedagogical staff, specific crime-prevention measures, deployment of specialised language and integration professionals). Within the scope of the prevention project, we also work closely together with the "Ruhr Security Cooperation", whose interdisciplinary and repressive steering group was staffed with an experienced criminal investigation officer exclusively responsible for the (further) development, implementation and coordination of existing or new preventive measures and for the synergetic dovetailing with repressive approaches. In addition, the entire prevention project is scientifically monitored and partially evaluated.


The project started on 01/04/2020 and is still running.

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