“Value-Measure” theatre education session

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Theatre education programme for 3-4th graders. The main pedagogical purpose of the programme is to discuss the issue of bullying. The programme can be delivered in a classroom or school space, and students from a class or a community are welcome. Manka's birthday is coming up and she invites the whole 4th grade class - except Zoe. How will the class take this? Do they accept it and ignore it, or do they stand up for Zoé, or do they start to pick on her too? Aunt Magdi and Aunt Lilla (the new daycare teacher) pop up on the scene, do they ask for their help? Participants will be able to get into the shoes of 4th graders from an imaginary school in Buda, and then we will discuss together - in the form of different exercises - what bullying is.

Start and end project: 01.09.2018 - 31.08.2019.
The theatre education project is closed,
but "Value-Measure" theatre education sessions are held regularly in the institutions.


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