Voorzorg (Nurse Family Partnership)

VoorZorg is a programme for undereducated women below the age of 25 who are pregnant with their first child. Nurses provide assistance during pregnancy, and support to help mothers care for and parent their children. The aim of this extra support is to help mothers learn to cope with problems and recognise what is important for their children. The support service is highly accessible, as it is provided in the safe environment of the mother’s own home.

Preventing child abuse and serious developmental problems is currently a topic of great interest in the Netherlands. However, there is still currently no way of systematically tackling risk factors during pregnancy and the early years of children’s lives. The VoorZorg programme meets this need. It is based on the American programme 'Nurse Family Partnership' (NFP), developed by professor David Olds and proven effective in a 25-year study.


www.voorzorg.info (Dutch)
www.nursefamilypartnership.org (English)


The project started in 2004 and is still running.
Last review: november 2006.