We Are

Awarded Best Crime Prevention Project at the National Prevention Projects and Community Initiatives Awards 2020 (MoI, Republic of Lithuania).

The main objective of the project We are was to reduce the number of criminal acts and other violations of law related to family-based organized crime, to “break the wall” and help people who are at high risk of being involved or already involved in the family-based crime activities but want to quit. Their problems have no simple solutions, but knowing the facts can help people deal with them and make a proper choice.

The implementation of the voluntary activities (police supporters, young police supporters, safe neighbourhood groups) and the improvement of their quality had intensified the existing link between police and the public. Their trust in the police increasingly grow and the public is more willing to cooperate with the police and provide relevant and useful information to the officials.


The start date of the project was 01/01/2019 and the end date was 31/12/2019.
The project was being implemented during the 2019.
The implementation of a certain successful activities has been continued in 2020.

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