When my neighbour is safe – I am safe

The project is devoted to the community of the Kaunas region. The aim of the project is to help the citizens of the region to develop a safe living environment and to promote the idea of safe neighborhoods. Direct communication with the communities of the Kaunas district helped create an understanding of the problems of the citizens.

During the meetings we listened to the problems of people and gave them tips on how to protect themselves and their property against a variety of hazards. The analysis of the like problems helped to determine the challenges specific for each locality.

While carrying out the project, the primary goal was to prepare and present exhaustive information on the concept of safe neighborhoods. Our aim was to inform even those members of the community of the Kaunas district who were neither active nor interested in the project. The main strategy has been the establishment of a good relationship and trust between the members of the community, municipality and police. Direct contact between the police and local community members helped the people acquire a sense of safety and to prevent criminal acts.

It is hoped that the further cooperation would encourage the members of the community to form community protection groups and become ‘crime stoppers‘. Together with police officers, ‘crime stoppers‘ would patrol the streets of the Kaunas district, maintaining the public order and bar off criminal acts in residential areas.


The project started in 2009 and is now finished.
Last review: January 2020.


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