With a thought for the future

Society as a social phenomenon is the result of the joint activity and coexistence of groups of people in the name of the common good. In order for this coexistence to be complete and constructive, it is necessary for the separate groups to be united around the achievement of a common goal, observing uniform rules of conduct and norms. Assessing the socio cultural and ethnic characteristics of different groups in society and in particular the marginalized, RDI Veliko Tarnovo toget her with its partners, realized the need to develop and implement a more systematic and organized model for working with them. As a result, in 2016 RDI Veliko Tarnovo, together with "Amalipe" Centre and other partners, started working on the project "Thi nking about the future", which aims at achieving better interaction with closed groups of the Roma community. The role of interaction is to increase the trust of Roma groups/ clans in the institutions, to achieve a change in its value system and integratio n into society.


The project is developing, and there is no deadline for completion of project activities.

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