With knowledge to a valuable life

With knowledge to a valuable life

This project is a follow-up project from the year 2007, which updates and upgrades its activities every year. it is focused on crime prevention of children and young people, and it uses new types of prevention programmes such as canistherapy, bibliotherapy, gestalt pedagogy, graphology and martial arts.

The project programmes are realized by the Department of Crime prevention of the Municipal Police of town Pezinok together with a psychologist and other specialists joined with the project by their participation. It is realized in the form of the educational programmes, the socio-psychological trainings, sport-preventive and safety programmes, media campaigns, publishing and advisory activities in our own client centre. Furthermore, on vandalism prevention and various forms of personality manipulation among the youth. The project yearly addresses all schools in the municipality, while using local and national media promotion campaigns. They closely cooperate with the teachers as well as with parents.

Continual interest of educational institutions in these activities is being documented regularly. Positive results of the project have been proved twice on the international level, in a competition representing the Slovak Republic, four times was placed among the best projects on a national level, and it was once awarded for innovation and contribution to crime prevention on a national level. Moreover, the project has already been successfully implemented in other towns.


The project started in 2007 and is still running.
Last review: September 2015.


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