Working group for criminal investigation of acts related to street-level drug dealing

Working group for criminal investigation of acts related to street-level drug dealing


The Regional police directorate of Murska Sobota, located in northeast part of Slovenia, has identified an increase of street crime especially related to drug dealing and other type of secondary crime within the region. A situational report also identified an increased fear of crime amongst local population in particular areas.

Participation of the local community in disrupting this phenomenon was low. Most targeted locations or areas of such crime were schools, play grounds etc. Involvement of youngsters in crime commitment significantly increased as well. In accordance with these findings, the Slovenian Police proposed to the local authorities the initiation of a project focused on decreasing street crime and fear of crime committed by young people. The local community supported this initiative and promised full cooperation.

Various local authorities and bodies have participated in the project led by the police. Purpose of the project was to raise awareness and disrupt criminal activities at local level. The established working group acts in preventive and repressive way. Partners who complement the work of the working group are local authorities, school administrations, the media and other entities of the private sector.

Preventive actions are aimed on one hand at enhancing cooperation between the local community, local authorities and the police through different means of communication (media, round tables, internet,...). School authorities were also important partners. On the other hand, actions are focused on raising awareness concerning the importance of safe community for a better life.

Repressive actions are focused on determination of particular crime areas where street crime and drug dealing are more frequent, identification perpetrators, and use all measures to disrupt such criminal activity.


The project started in 2010 and is still running.
Last review: January 2020.


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