Conference EFJCA - One Safe Place for Hope and Empowerment

Antwerp, Belgium

The International Conference “One Safe Place for Hope and Empowerment is organized by the European
Family Justice Center Alliance (EFJCA), the Family Justice Center Antwerp and partners.
The conference will give forum to plenary speeches from distinguished guests and workshops/training
sessions on a range of interesting topics in the field of multidisciplinary approach.

Topics are:
• How to start and sustain a FJC
• The Multifocus methodology
• (Non-fatal) Strangulation
• Moral Deliberation
• The role of working with perpetrators in the FJC
• The role of employers and companies in tackling domestic violence
Our colleagues from the U.S. Alliance for Hope will join our conference.
Language: English (some workshops will also be offered in Dutch)

Target group:
The international conference is aimed at a wide audience -on local, national and international level- of organizations
and professionals who work on gender-based violence, domestic violence and child abuse, from the police, the
judiciary, women’s aid, victim support, social services, youth care, child advocacy, the medical sector, mental health
sector, restorative justice, perpetrator programs, academic sector, universities and research, training centers, selforganizations,
OECD, policy makers, authorities, EC and EU mandates, employers and companies,…


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