EUCPN webinar: ECPA winners on bullying

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Despite bullying being a common phenomenon, the public, schools and governments are often not fully aware of the severe and long-lasting consequences it can cause for the individuals involved and their surroundings. To exchange information and practices, the Slovenian Presidency of the EUCPN focused on bullying and violence among minors, and on 9 December 2021 they announced the winners of the European Crime Prevention Award.

Learn more about the winners during the webinar:

  1. Ask for help! (Hungary)
    Speaker: Dr. Fruzsina Ónodi, adviser National Crime Prevention Council
    The project provides various art, pedagogical and educational tools that help to discuss bullying and to address mental health issues in combination with attitude formation.
  2. Safety skills education (Finland)
    Speaker: Satu-Maaria Toppinen, project coordinator/special teacher Safe Oulu project
    The project prevents sexual crimes against minors by enhancing children’s skills to define and protect their boundaries.
  3. FaceUp (Czech Republic)
    Speaker: David Špunar, co-founder FaceUp

    Through the use of an online trust box, victims and bystanders can anonymously raise their concerns regarding problematic interactions at school.

The webinar will take place on Tuesday 8 February 2022 between 14:00 - 15:00 CET. Participation is free but registration is mandatory. The access link will be sent prior to the webinar.