EUCPN webinar: what works to tackle fencing?

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Burglars and thieves steal particular items in order to sell them, so they can buy whatever it is that motivates them to steal. The aim of anti-fencing strategies is to make it more challenging to sell/trade stolen goods. When fences cannot make sufficient money anymore by selling stolen goods, it might partly discourage theft itself. At the moment the EUCPN Secretariat is writing a paper on effective prevention strategies that can be implemented to tackle fencing. This paper will be published by the end of June.

In the context of the EU-wide Focus Day on domestic burglary the EUCPN will already share its findings and recommendations during a webinar ‘what works to tackle fencing?’ on Friday 17th of June at 11:00 CET. During this webinar we will present general information about the phenomenon itself and the three main focus areas that should be targeted: the stolen goods, the fences and their customers and the illicit stolen goods markets.

Participation is free but registration is mandatory.