European crime prevention conference

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The European conference will create opportunities to share experiences and ideas, paving the way for an improved understanding of crime prevention. A wide variety of topics will be discussed; during each session the EUCPN’s output will be presented and supplemented by academic views, policy recommendations and a variety of crime prevention initiatives.

The programme of the conference reflects the work of the EUCPN. During each workshop we will present EUCPN output and we aim to provide a platform for academics, projects and policy to present and exchange views. Topics will include organised property crime (EU focus Day, pickpocketing etc.), THB (campaign and research), environmental crime (monitor and future action plan), youth, cybercrime, fraud etc. Next to these workshops, 4 plenary sessions will be organised focusing on the concept of crime prevention, evaluation of crime prevention initiatives, tips and tricks to obtain EU funding and a discussion on the future of crime prevention in the EU.

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