Conference 2019: Illegal Wildlife Trade and the Funding of International Terrorism

The Hague
21 Nov 2019

1-day Conference in the 4* star Park Hotel in The Hague, The Netherlands organised by drs. Tomas Olivier (COO Twickelerveld Intelligence and Investigations) and Wesley Visscher (CEO of Scent Imprint Conservation Dogs).

During this one day Conference with a range of renowned speakers the focus will be on intelligence-led operations, the tracking of wildlife contraband and the funding of global terrorist networks and transnational criminal organisations.

Although it's almost impossible to obtain reliable and comprehensive (annual) figures for the value of criminal wildlife trade it estimated, by experts, that the poaching for ivory, skins and bones annually runs into hundreds of millions of dollars.

Numerous species are currently overexploited and, therefore, illegal wildlife trade should be considered as a considerable (and direct) threat to the survival of many of these threatened species. Additionally the nexus between wildlife trafficking and terrorism (and militancy) will be outlined throughout the conference.

The costs of the one day (8 hours) conference are €99 euro (ex VAT). After registration you will receive and invoice by Twickelerveld Intelligence and Investigations. Payment of the invoice within fourteen 14 working days will be regarded as the official confirmation of your 2019 conference seat(s). During the conference coffee/tea and a warm catered lunch will be included.

For 'Early Bird Registration' please make use of the following email address (please provide us with your name, organisation and address for the billing process). On this platform we will keep you informed with regards to the scheduled keynote speakers, current registrations and possible practical "updates" if applicable. Please be aware that we have LIMITED SEATS available for this event!

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