Flying Money conference - Investigating illicit financial flows in the city

22 May 2018 to 24 May 2018

On 22, 23 and 24 May 2018, the City of Amsterdam and the Network Cultures research group from Amsterdam University of Applied Sciences are organising the conference Flying Money: investigating illicit financial flows in the city. Unique in the Netherlands in terms of its nature and size, this European conference will focus on issues concerning the future of digital money and illicit financial flows in particular. Be sure to save the date now.

The panel, made up of scientists, engineers, journalists, civil servants, artists, bankers, consultants and entrepreneurs, will debate current worldwide developments in types of digital money and financial flows. Developments such as blockchain, cryptocurrencies, the emergence of parallel banking systems and the decentralisation of monetary transactions are having an influence on how society envisages the future of money, the use of the banking system and – perhaps equally importantly – the wider criminal landscape.

Other issues discussed will include cross-border problems, such as money-laundering, the funding of weapons, drugs and human trafficking and the use of criminal funds to invest in property, catering and hotels. As a result of the introduction of digital money, criminals are finding all kinds of new ways to invest their ill-gotten gains. Together with speakers from across society, we will explore how we get a grip on these shady new financial flows.

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