Mini-symposium about the "Landelijk Outreachend Team’ (LOT) in the Netherlands


The Centre of Crime Prevention and Safety and EUCPN would like to invite you to an online mini-symposium about the LOT in the Netherlands. This mini-symposium will take place on the 30st of November, from 2.30 until 5.00 PM (Dutch time). 

 Background LOT
"How can we counteract the reluctance that has arisen to take action within the integrated effort on criminal family networks in which the target group strategically hinders professionals or forces professionals to perform or refrain from actions?”
That was the question we faced in The Netherlands. As an answer we set up a LOT. Our mission within this team is to provide answers to the challenges professionals face in their work with criminal family networks. We aim to break the intergenerational transmission of crime and victimisation and reduce overall crime. Our aim here is to contribute to a safe future for children within criminal family networks. A future free from exploitation and criminal activity.
Mini-symposium to share insights
At the beginning of this year, we had the privilege of conducting interviews with projects from Finland, Germany, Ireland and Sweden. During these interviews, we exchanged valuable knowledge and insights. As a token of appreciation, we organise this online mini-symposium in which we will give a presentation on what we have collected with the LOT in the Netherlands and the insights we have gained from the interviews. We organise this mini-symposium in collaboration with EUCPN, to continue the conversation about family crime networks. Although the niche in which we work is unique at European level, it is still important to share knowledge and work together.

2.30-2.40 PM    Welcome and introduction

2.40-3.10 PM    Presentation about the toolbox on 'family based crime' and EUCPN
3.10-3.40 PM    Presentation about the LOT
3.40-4.00 PM    Contribution from Europe and delivery of an articel
4.00-4.45 PM    Q & A