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Romanian project ""The Little Cops" Cristesti – Example Of Local Parnership"

11 January 2019

The project purpose is increasing safety in Cristeşti Secondary School.

Romanian project "Security Olympics"

11 January 2019

The purpose of the project is developing children's skills in knowing and using safety solutions/ systems.

Romanian project "Open your mind! Stay away from prison!”

11 January 2019

The project purpose is to raise awareness of young people 15-19 years of risk factors that lead to juvenile crime and the consequences of this experience. Learning about protection measures, prevention.

EUCPN Output

Work Programme 2019

10 January 2019

Every year the European Crime Prevention Network draws up a work programme that defines all the activities the Network is going to complete that year, in order to promote the achievement of the strategic goals. The main focus in 2019 will be on criminal reoccurring behavior within EU priorities. The Romanian Presidency will be focusing until June on victimization of minors – online and offline. The second part of the year the EUCPN will focus on the preventing of drug related juvenile delinquency under the Finnish Presidency.

EUCPN ECPA Newsflash 2018 - And the winner is...

07 December 2018

The winners of the European Crime Prevention Award are known! Have a look at the winners and the participants.

Good practice

Polish project "“ACADEMY OF SAFETY III – eduction for the safety of children at schools in Świętokrzyskie voivodship”"

11 January 2019

The project involve taking a variety of actions to increase the safety of children, women, city’s residents, educational institutions and their immediate neighborhoods. The project will be implemented in all 14 poviats of the Świętokrzyskie region.

German project "Live Democracy! Active against Right-wing Extremism, Violence and Hate"

11 January 2019

Through this federal programme the Federal Ministry for Family Affairs, Senior Citizens, Women and Youth promotes civil participation and democratic behavior at local, regional and national level. Associations, projects and initiatives which are dedicated to promoting democracy and diversity and work against right-wing extremism, racism, antisemitism, Islamic extremism and other forms of hostility to democracy and inhuman behaviour, against violence, hatred and radicalisation, are supported by the federal programme.

Polish project "Active and aware senior in the world of finance"

11 January 2019

The project aim is providing seniors / 65 + / knowledge in the scope of: personal data security and threats resulting from making them inappropriately, threats resulting from the use offrom ATMs and modern banking services, methods of fraud and ways to prevent them.

Crime prevention Policies


Declining juvenile crime – explanations for the international downturn

13 September 2017

In The Netherlands registered youth crime figures show a spectacular downward trend from 2007 (minus 60%). This decrease can be seen amongst girls and boys, and also amongst ethnic minorities and the native Dutch. This trend can also be observed in a lot of other countries.

Stratégie nationale de prévention de la délinquance 2013-2017 - Le Guide des bonnes pratiques

19 January 2015


Strategy in French.



EUCPN Thematic Paper no. 13 - Youth Internet Safety: risks and prevention

14 June 2018

The thirteenth thematic paper in the series published by the EUCPN Secretariat focuses on the theme of Youth Internet Safety.


Toolbox 10 - Prevention of Organised Crime Targeting Elderly People - Policies and practices

18 May 2018

The 10th toolbox in the series published by the EUCPN Secretariat focusses on the main theme of the Slovakian Presidency and the 2016 Best Practice Conference and European Crime Prevention Award, which is the ‘Prevention of organised crimes targeting elderly people’.


Toolbox 11 - Prevention of pickpocketing within the EU – policy & practices

17 April 2018

The eleventh toolbox in the series published by the EUCPN Secretariat focuses on the main theme of the Maltese Presidency, which is ‘Prevention of Pickpocketing’.