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Objectives of the crime strategy are:

  • Fewer reports of child pornographic content in the Netherlands.
  • More prevention actions aimed at victims and aimed at people with pedophilic feelings....
  • Netherlands
  • Cybercrime
  • Child sexual exploitation
  • National policy
  • Policy
  • 2019
Kaleidoscoop (Perry Pre-school) is a programme to prepare children (age 3-4) of socio-economic low standard  milieus for school, by developing cognitive, social and physical development.
  • Netherlands
  • General crime prevention
  • Youth crime
  • Initiatives
The aim of the project was to combat juvenile delinquency in France by setting up a Prevention of juvenile delinquency squad (PJDS). The first vocation of the PJDS is prevention actions to the benefice of youth to prevent any action of incivility and criminality towards minors or from them. The reminder of juvenile responsibility (RRM) mainly aims at raising the minor’s awareness of his responsibility before it is too late and he turns to delinquency.
  • France
  • Youth crime
  • Initiatives
  • Youth
  • 2015