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Being involved in a cultural production, participating in cultural working processes offers the participant a new perspective on his/her life and his/her positioning in society. The adolescent is addressed in his/her actual living environment. His/her interests are of importance and his/her individual potential will be uncovered.
  • Germany
  • General crime prevention
  • Initiatives
  • ECPA
  • Youth
  • Training
  • Offenders
  • 2009
Project "Safe Senior" and thereby its main theme "Safe senior in a safe house" was implemented in the third quarter of 2009. Initially, participants in the meetings with officers were pensioners of Polish Association of Pensioners and the Disabled, as well as supporters of the club Jantar. Subsequently The policeman of The Department of Prevention in Szczecin has established cooperation with key partner The Association of Third Age University in Szczecin and other institutions supporting the project.
  • Poland
  • General crime prevention
  • Initiatives
  • ECPA
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  • Target groups
  • Elderly
  • Victims
  • 2010