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It is not only the involvement of organised crime in cybercrime that is dangerous, but also cybercrime committed in an organised manner. Cyber-OC represents the convergence of these two phenomena. Despite the huge threat arising from its cumulative character, Cyber-OC is frequently underestimated and differently defined even by law enforcement authorities.
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  • 2016

Combating cyber crime is a top priority of all federal and state police forces in Germany. The corresponding strategy informs political, strategic and operational decision-makers about...

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  • 2019
This is the German ECPA entry for 2015. The theme was Cybercrime.
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  • 2015

According to the constitution of Germany, the Länder (states) are responsible for law enforcement within their territory. Thus each of the 16 German Länder can have its own strategy for...

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  • 2014