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The project aim was to develop estimates of the economic costs of crime in Hungary. The researchers were interested in finding out what the costs of crime are to the community, at a social level. In September 2009 Hungarian researchers with the assistance of experts from the United Kingdom have taken stock of the data accessible from the existing data systems and sources in Hungary and they have come to the conclusion that there is place for developing estimates based on the existing data.
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Built on the “D.A.D.A.” (Smoking, Alcohol, Drugs, AIDS) primary school crime prevention education program, the purpose of the project is to develop motivation for independent thinking, build ability to make responsible decisions, identify and appreciate the values of society, gain self-knowledge and develop tolerance, practice social skills, live in relationships based on love and understanding, gain skills in co-operation and co-ordination, lead a law-abiding way of life and exercise proper stress management for secondary school students aged 16 with a view of abstaining form drug and alcohol consumption as well as fending off getting involved in crime and victimisation.
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