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From 12 till 15 November 2015, specialized agents from Technology Research Unit and anti-virus company representatives Kaspersky, McAfee, Norton and Panda Security, advised citizens on the main risks when browsing the web. For that four days, experts analised for free smartphones, tablets and computers of internet users who wanted in four stands located in Madrid stations of Atocha and Chamartin, and shopping centers of “El Corte Inglés” in Callao Square and  in Castellana Street. This operation called “Blackfin”, organized by the British NCA (National Crime Agency) and coordinated by EUROPOL, aims to provide a proactive response to threats from cyber criminals and criminal organizations to raise public awareness on the safe use of the Internet. They gave several advices but the main one is to use common sense and apply the same security and prevention measures in real life as in virtual world.
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The campaign "Behind the door", is made by the Ministry of Interior (the project leader) in cooperation with the Child and Youth Protection Center of  Zagreb and the Degordian agency, with...

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