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This thematic paper is published by the EUCPN Secretariat in connection with one of the EU priorities, more specifically cybercrime. It focusses on the prevention of risks children encounter online.
  • European Union
  • Cybercrime
  • Child sexual exploitation
  • EUCPN Output
  • Policy paper
  • 2018

The campaign "Behind the door", is made by the Ministry of Interior (the project leader) in cooperation with the Child and Youth Protection Center of  Zagreb and the Degordian agency, with...

  • Croatia
  • Child sexual exploitation
  • Sexual violence
  • Initiatives
  • Campaign
  • 2020
This is the Finnish ECPA entry for 2017, the theme was cyber safety.
  • Finland
  • Child sexual exploitation
  • Initiatives
  • ECPA
  • 2017
The Prevention Project Dunkelfeld (PPD) provides confidential treatment free of charge for individuals who have a partial or exclusive sexual preference in terms of pedophilia or hebephilia and seek therapeutic help.
  • Germany
  • Child sexual exploitation
  • Initiatives
  • 2016