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On the one hand, the project aims to call the perpetrators to account for their acts by the society and all institutions and learn them social-cognitive competencies which develop non-violent behaviour. On the other they want to tackle the social problem in all parts of its psychosocial work with the clients and in the area of public relations especially aimed to men.
  • Germany
  • Domestic violence
  • Initiatives
  • ECPA
  • Offenders
  • 2013
The National Republican Guard (GNR) recognizes the crimes committed against women, children, elderly people, disabled and other particularly vulnerable victims as some of the most sensitive issues within the framework of criminal investigation. On one hand, these types of crimes are interrelated with the shame felt by the victims, the re-victimization due to police investigations efforts and the special susceptibility of its victims.
  • Portugal
  • Domestic violence
  • General crime prevention
  • Initiatives
  • Victims
  • 2015