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A randomized experiment aimed at reducing schoolchildren’s normative misperceptions about other children’s risk behaviour.
  • Denmark
  • Drugs/alcohol
  • Youth crime
  • Initiatives
  • ECPA
  • Youth
  • Offenders
  • 2006
One of the comprehensive social aims of the regeneration program of the MNP II is to improve the quality of life in the quarter. The general aim of the Social and Crime Prevention Sub-programme was to prevent the further deterioration of public safety (or even achieve improvement if possible) using direct and indirect means of crime prevention with results tangible both in statistics and the opinions of the inhabitants.
  • Hungary
  • Community-oriented policing
  • Initiatives
  • ECPA
  • 2010
This is the Danish ECPA entry for 2016. The theme was Prevention of crimes committed on elderly people.
  • Denmark
  • Pickpocketing
  • Car theft
  • Other OPC
  • Fraud
  • Initiatives
  • ECPA
  • Elderly
  • Campaign
  • Victims
  • 2016