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To put an end to violence in families, prevent repetition and improve the living situation of family members in a long-lasting and efficient way through an integral process chain model for supra-organisational cooperation.
  • Belgium
  • Domestic violence
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  • 2013

In Belgium, juvenile delinquency is defined as a general category which includes problematic forms of behaviour or offences qualified as offences committed by youngsters who haven’t reached...

  • Belgium
  • Youth crime
  • National policy
  • 2014

Although sexual delinquency is of all times. this problematic issue has been receiving growing attention from the policy maker, especially after the Dutroux case. Sexual abuse cases...

  • Belgium
  • Sexual violence
  • National policy
  • 2017

There is trafficking in human beings when the perpetrator uses violence, intimidation or deception, or takes advantage of a situation of superiority or necessity or vulnerability of the...

  • Spain
  • Trafficking in human beings
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  • 2019