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In short, the project was coordinated by the Latvian Ministry of Interior and conducted under the European Union programme “Prevention of and Fight against Crime”. The project team developed the concept “exploitative sham marriage” in order to describe the phenomenon studied. Each partner conducted a national research which was coordinated and led by HEUNI. Primarily qualitative data was collected, such as expert and victim interviews in combination with case descriptions from NGOS and embassies. Also statistical information and pre-trial investigation and court material were utilised. The report is written for a large variety of experts and professionals working in the field of anti-trafficking.
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The efforts of the Slovak Republic in the field of educational activities within combating trafficking in human beings continued in 2016 with a joint multidisciplinary training for specialized investigators, prosecutors and judges. The training is a part of a compulsory additional education for prosecutors and judges organized by the Judicial Academy of the Slovak Republic in cooperation with the Ministry of the Interior of the Slovak Republic. The programme of the training included general information on trafficking in human beings such as international and national legisation, national coordination structure, national referral mechanism and specialized programme of support and assistance to victims of trafficking in human beings, as well as information from law enforcement on trafficking cases and application problems and detailed information on the possibilities within criminal proceedings including the rights of victims. The training also gave an opportunity for all the participants to exchange their experience, views and best practice.
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