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The project focuses on information events and produces materials that convey important advice and tips on proper ways to react towards an aggressor and how to prepare oneself in advance to...

  • Austria
  • General crime prevention
  • Campaign
  • 2019
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With the overall concept of crime prevention with the target group of young people - UNDER18 - an Austrian standardised implementation of security police topics with young people was...

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  • Drugs/alcohol
  • General crime prevention
  • Initiatives
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  • Youth
  • Offenders
  • 2020

In principle, violent attacks can happen any time and any place, and it will never be possible to completely eliminate them by police measures alone. Combating crime, which includes violence...

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  • Violence
  • Other violence
  • Policy
  • 2017

One of the most important tasks of the police consists in preventing violence and to ensure that individuals can lead a life without being afraid of assaults. Established in 1997, the Anti...

  • Austria
  • Domestic violence
  • National policy
  • 2014