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Crime prevention in the field of environnement, ecology and public health by the regular  action of a territorial network of local officers trained in prevention (gendarmes), working in the framework of a partnership approach in contact with the local representatives, associations for the protection of the environment, companies, schools and other public actors.
  • France
  • Environmental crime
  • Good practice
Sensitization of the inhabitants of Chorzów to the problems of safety, ecology and care for animals.
  • Poland
  • Environmental crime
  • Good practice
  • 2019
iCoach is a Child Focus training programme, proposed by the Federal Public Service (FPS) Home Affairs for the police and the prevention services of towns and municipalities in order to train any person wishing to take action for the protection of minors on the internet.
  • Belgium
  • Environmental crime
  • Domestic violence
  • Other OPC
  • Good practice
  • Youth
  • 2017
Expanding knowledge within the family in regards to important topics of the crime prevention field, especially those concerning children and teenagers.
  • Bulgaria
  • Environmental crime
  • Fraud
  • Good practice
  • 2013

Toolbox 9 - Preventing Illegal Trafficking of Firearms – policies & practices

We believe that illicit trafficking of firearms has not deserved the attention that it should. Even though it is obvious that the illicit trafficking of firearms is a threat to the...

  • European Union
  • Firearms
  • EUCPN Output
  • Toolbox
  • Research
  • 2016